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Charity Work:  Update in Progress

The museum has hosted various 24 hour gaming livestream events for the My Little Pony Community to raise money for multiple causes such as Maddy Peter’s charity (voice of Scootaloo) Inked!Art for Africa, as well as relief for Hurricane Sandy Victims.




General Info
Museum email: TravelingPonyMuseum@gmail.com



Inky Notebook  (Founder / Head of Administration)
deviantArt: InkyNotebook.deviantart.com

Megan a.k.a. Inky Notebook is a 26 year old currently working in North Carolina. She graduated from Pony Brook University (Stony Brook). The Traveling Museum was an idea discussed between friends as she was setting up an artists spotlight for a brony convention and the idea took flight. When she’s not busy organizing ponies she’s watching anime and checking her email to make sure that nothing important has come in.

D-Pad the Brony Inquisitor (Co- Head / Lead Vendor / Online Spokesperson)
Connor, also known for his work as Interviewer for The Brony Show, joined the Museum team around June 2012. Since then he has assisted with online outreach through his show and becoming the museums’ top salespony. Currently he is pursuing a career in Voice Acting and is in the process of creating his own studio.

Italian Thane (Vendor / Artist Relations)

Fabrizio, also a Pony Brook Graduate (Stony Brook) joined up with the museum and has since been helping out with our vendor tables at conventions. On the side he has been pursing background roles in TV shows and has no idea what any of the pony’s names are.

Inkless Quill (Tech Support/Human Resources)

Quill does his best to keep things running, often through the use of duct tape, hope, and convincing other ponies to play Dark Souls so that they can experience the same suffering. Praise the sun!

Andy Griffon (Vendor / Artist)

Andy is not only an artist, but one of our vendors. She helps us keep our heads on straight at conventions and tend to customers. She’s also pursuing classes in prop design.

Star Strider (Vendor / Artist Relations)

Zach works mostly behind the scenes, helping with emails when he can. He also helps at conventions when he can attend.

Corey (Vendor)

Corey also works behind the scenes as well as at conventions when needed.

Tarbuck Transom (Artist / Math Pony / Master of Knots)

One of our many artists, Tarbuck has joined the museum as staff to help out at conventions as well as work on our artist % calculator for sales. He’s the artist behind our hand woven paracord belts and bracelets and often does live showings of his creations in our display room.

Museum Security
Dust Off
Isaiah Young